Saying "Yes"

Why not experiment? Why not imagine a dream and put yourself in it?

Delisa was searching for what was next in her life. She had put her heart and soul into a beautiful retail store for last 20 years and recently sold it. She was looking for what's next. Something that would be more spiritually fulfilling and meaningful to her as well as to the rest of the world. She did daily imagining, looking for the "thing".

Early one morning, a powerful image appeared to her. She was rising from a lotus flower, rising out of the darkness with light all around her, with a sense of being "reborn". She was coming out of the darkness of searching, to a sense of peace and knowing and brightness.

The Fantasy Portrait process of envisioning and creating a tangible image for daily inspiration has brought clarity to Delisa's dream of combining art, design and spirituality. By going through this transformation she is more able to embody her dreams and step into her future.

"Out of the Darkness", Fantasy Portrait

Delisa's affinity with the Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy, was influential in creating this image. The blue lotus flower is a metaphor for re-birth. It plays a key role in Buddhism where its color is thought to be associated with a victory of the spirit.

Blue is a color associated with higher chakras. During the advent of the life force in the 4th or heart chakra, the mind perceives a round ball of palpitating blue, (the blue sphere) and a desire for blue grows.

The frog in the water suggests going through some emotional turmoil but you have the ability to see your way out of it. 

Is it your turn to find your dream and say "yes"? Fantasy Portraits can help you imagine your idealized self and provide you a daily dose of clarity, inspiration and affirmation. If you'd like to explore with a conversation, send an email to me at

“Tracey is not only an accomplished photographer and art director; she really loves collaborating on the creative process. Her enthusiasm is contagious. If you’re not sure what you want for your fantasy portrait, she’ll help you get the ideas flowing. She’ll brainstorm with you, make suggestions, and help you focus in on exactly what effect you want to achieve. Then she’ll pull it off, with her top-notch skills in photography, image editing and compositing, and printing.”
— Nancy, Corte Madera