It's here.

January 1, 2018

Wow. Already.

I want to give a “shout out” to Lisa Daniele Rueff for her meditation session with a small group of Hivery members at the last Wellness Wednesday in December.

It was powerful. And what made it powerful was the giving and receiving of each of the members to each other.

Each person in the circle wrote out three words we wanted to bring more of in our new year (on a sweet little craft paper heart). We followed those words and wrote down our dream for 2018.

After we’d done that, Lisa suggested we make our dream even bigger.

Next, we shared. If you say your dream out loud, it’s more likely to happen. Telling each other our dreams out loud in the safe space Lisa created was very healing.

My inspirational words for 2018.

My inspirational words for 2018.


Lisa has a big global dream for her new business. Other dreams were to find a home, imagine perfect health, create a business around storytelling. Put a stake in the ground for your new business. Bring peace and love to the world through the 3rd dimension. My dream is to make my “Fantasy Portraits” studio a thriving, fun (keyword: FUN) place where women feel free to express themselves and grow their confidence.

These sharing experiences are the ones that keep me coming back to The Hivery. Inclusive. Interactive. Inspiring. And Powerful.

Welcome 2018.

I'm a member of The Hivery in Mill Valley. The Hivery is a collaborative and creative coworking space where women can pursue their work, passions, ideas and what’s next.