Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Look in the mirror and decide what side of your face you like better.

  • Practice different poses. You'll want to experiment with different expressions during your shoot.

During The Shoot

  • Relax. You'll most likely have fun during your headshot experience. Feel free to let your guard down.

  • Don't force a smile.

  • Squint a bit. This will help you avoid the "deer in the headlights" look.

  • Relax after a few shots and take a breather. Take a mini-break and a sip of water.

  • Let us know what type of music you like so we can have that on hand in the studio.


The best piece of clothing advice for a headshot is "the simpler the better". The clothes you choose to wear will reflect who you are and what image you want to project.

  • Bring a few outfit choices for the shoot.

  • Make sure all clothes are wrinkle-free. Wrinkles take extra time to retouch! We will keep an eye out for these things during the shoot.

  • Be comfortable! No need to worry about shoes.

Hair & Nails

  • For women, you may want to start with your hair down and then put it up for a more casual look.

  • For men, your hair should look natural and clean. Best to get a haircut a week before the shoot, rather than the day before.

  • We will help you with simple hair requests. You can also hire our hair stylist for the morning of the shoot

  • Since we try different poses, we might get your hands in the picture. Please come with clean, manicured hands.


  • Bring moisturizer with you. Bring lip balm.

  • The night before, brush your lips with your toothbrush to loosen dead skin.

  • No extreme regimens right before the shoot.

  • Clean brows and lip hair.

  • Our makeup artist is available to hire for your makeup right before the shoot and to stay with you for touch-ups. Please give us 5 day advance notice if you need this service.

After The Shoot

Let us know how you want your photos to be edited. We will skillfully retouch the photos, but we can do more less as desired. We can show you different versions if you'd like to compare and decide.

  • Do you want any imperfections retouched out?

  • Every image is different and requires different retouching techniques. We will try our best to make you look amazing. If you don’t want any alterations done, please let us know beforehand.

  • If you do want any major editing done, keep in mind that will cost extra.

  • Let us know when you'd like your photos delivered and in what format. We offer digital versions and photographic prints.

We do group photos too!
Celebrate your team and show your appreciation for their work. This can be a really fun day and be useful in team building.